Yin Yoga Recovery Practice: 75m of connective tissue release and gentle adjustments as you passively hold in yin yoga postures for 2-5". Personalized to your needs or sport. Regain your mobility and range of motion with a regular yin practice.

Beginner Vinyasa: 60m of heat-building vinyasa flow with oojai pranayama. This class features basic postures so students learn the fundamentals of a vinyasa practice.

Intermediate & Advanced Vinyasa: 75m of heat-building vinyasa flow with oojai pranayama. Deepen your practice with more advanced arm balances, inversions, and a more advanced understanding of yoga philosophy and history.


Vinyasa & Yin Hybrid: The best of both worlds! This 75m class  will engage your yang energy with an intermediate vinyasa flow (45m) followed by 30m of releasing yin yoga postures to ground and calm your nervous system and release connective tissue and fascia. You will leave class in a state of pure bliss!

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