Online Powerlifting Meet

This virtual meet serves as a fundraiser for the powerlifting community to unite, mobilize, and contribute to a well-organized and worthy cause that continuously rallies against racism and unjustified police brutality.


100% of proceeds will be donated to Campaign Zero.

Campaign Zero envisions a nation without police violence by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.


1. Complete registration below. Be sure to include your Instagram/Reddit username so we know that your submissions are valid. $10/judged lift. Registration will remain open thru July 31, 2020.

2. Submit individual videos of your BEST 3 ATTEMPTs (1 video/lift or you can splice all 3 attempts together) on Instagram or Reddit (be sure to post on the official Reddit thread) by using the hashtag #strengthinnumbers. Your videos must be posted by 11:59pm on Saturday, August 1 2020. Judging & meet winner announcements will occur on Saturday, August 8, 2020. 

3. Remember, this is a fundraiser so the rules are a bit lax as we will not be checking equipment. You are agreeing to "play fair" by registering for this online meet.


     a. Singlets are encouraged but not required.

     b. Tighter clothing is preferred if you do not wear a singlet. Hip crease must be visible           for all squat attempts or the lift will not count.

     c. IPF platform rules apply. All lifts will be judged by certified USAPL referees & 

         coaches. Familiarize yourself with the 2020 IPF rules or reach out to

        amanda@swoleandstretch.com if you have questions about what will be enforced.

     d. Your lifts may be in increments of 1kg or greater (not the usual 2.5kg). Competing in

         pounds is permitted but will be rounded down to the nearest kilogram. 

     e. ONLY 15/20kg straight barbells may be used (no trap bars, trainers, SSB, deadlift).

     f. Shoes are required for ALL lifts.


             I. Squat: Your entire barbell and body MUST be visible. Footage must be                                     captured from a front corner angle so depth and lockout are fully                                   visible. Do NOT capture directly from the side.

             II. Bench Press: Your entire bench and body MUST be visible. Footage must be

                                 captured from a side corner angle so position of the glutes, feet,                                   contact point on chest, and lockout are fully visible.

             III. Deadlift: Your entire body and barbell MUST be visible. Footage must be

                             captured from a front corner angle so lockout is fully visible from

                             feet to chin.

For each attempt, do the following:

             I. Verbally count up your plates & announce the weight you are attempting (can                    be in a separate video from your attempts).

             II. There is no time limit for your attempts but please limit your videos to                               <2m/attempt

             III. Use the hashtag #strengthinnumbers for Instagram submissions or post your

                 submissions on the official Reddit thread



Ward Smelling SaltsREP Fitness, Amari Botanicals, and Swole & Stretch Fitness are sponsoring prizes for the top 3 male/female Wilks scores across the meet. If you finish with one of the top three strongest Wilks scores, you will receive a bottle of Ward Smelling Salts, t-shirt and shaker bottle from REP Fitness, a meet t-shirt from Swole & Stretch, and a carton of Amari Botanicals's Mountain Sports CBD recovery formula. Swag galore, y'all.

Black Shirt - Bottled Insanity (6).png

Want to contribute but don't have access to equipment? Support the cause by purchasing a t-shirt or donating directly to Campaign Zero.

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 7.36.25 AM.png


REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to our 34 participants! T-shirt sales will remain open thru Sunday, August 9 2020 if you would still like to contribute to our fundraiser for Campaign Zero.

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