Ready to take your strength to the next level? Amanda's main goal is for every athlete to remain injury-free under her watch. She programs for the longevity of the sport using her spin on conjugate method with daily undulating periodization. Her coaching style focuses on four main components: MAP work (mobility, activation drills, prehab/rehab), potentiation, efficient working sets using appropriate variation, and mindset training. She likes to support all aspects of an athlete's goals, both inside and outside of the gym; It's not uncommon for client relationships to develop into close friendships.

Amanda is currently accepting both local and remote athletes for coaching services through Muscle + Mindset. Amanda's coaching services include all-inclusive remote and local packages and a la carte programming, personal training/technique sessions, and video analysis. CLICK HERE to explore services and pricing.

Amanda is certified in powerlifting (USA Powerlifting), olympic weightlifting (USA Weightlifting), kettlebell sport (International Kettlebell Lifting Federation), and mobility coaching (multiple certifications). She owns and manages Muscle + Mindset, a comprehensive strength & conditioning gym in Denver, Colorado. 

Swole & Stretch Fitness, LLC

923 W 9th Avenue

Denver, CO 80204


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