Ready to take your powerlifting and LIFE to the next level? Amanda's unique coaching style focuses on both the outer and inner athlete; tapping into your full physical and mental strength and power. A strong sense of self with clearly defined priorities allows an athlete to thrive both on and off the platform and Amanda's style has already helped many youth and adult athletes gain confidence in their athletic potential.


Amanda is currently accepting both local and remote athletes for coaching services. Amanda's coaching services include all-inclusive remote and local packages and a la carte coaching services.

Amanda offers a free consultation to all coaching applicants to make sure the pairing is a good fit. Use the button or fill out the coaching questionnaire below to schedule an appointment for your 30m consultation via phone or video.

Polaris Powerlifting is a subsidiary of Swole & Stretch Fitness., LLC. The name derives from the the North Star, traditionally used for navigation by sailors at sea to guide them to a far-off destination. In this case, Polaris represents your passion for your sport and your goals within it. Your passion is what sets your navigation path through life and establishes your lifestyle and habits. When you join the Polaris Powerlifting team you'll take your training, nutrition, and life journey to the next level by focusing your efforts around your wildly important goals.

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