Kettlebell Fitness: 60m class comprised of basic competition kettlebell technique instruction and a combination of challenging strength and conditioning movements. This full-body workout will challenge both your strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Hybrid Strength Yoga : 60m of strength and HIIT cardio rooted in basic yoga postures. This hybrid workout will improve core strength,  endurance, and will maintain pranayamic focus throughout class.

HIIT: 30m of HIIT cardio intervals to fire up your metabolic processes and smash your weight loss plateaus. Work hard, work fast, recover (rinse and repeat). 

Strengthen & Tone: This 60m class will use barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells to create a workout that builds both muscle and strength. Circuits, stations, and lots of high-fives; what's not to love?

Shred & Sculpt: This 60m class features both HIIT cardio and weights to maximize your strength and endurance. This workout will target all the major muscle groups and help you crush your fitness goals faster than you ever thought possible.

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