Swole & Stretch Fitness aims to make the physical and psychological benefits of goal-focused and research-supported training, recovery, and nutrition practices accessible to all people. We produce real results for real people who are ready to transform both muscle and mindset. Through the vehicle of physical training you'll build confidence, establish strong priorities and goals both in and out of the gym, and learn how to calm your body and mind in today's chaotic & stressful world.


Take Control of Your Life

Interested in strength training to get healthy but unsure of where to start? You've come to the right coach! Amanda is a strength & conditioning specialist with a background in powerlifting, yoga, and fitness nutrition. You can be confident your mobility, strength, and nutrition practices will yield the results you want under Amanda's research-supported guidance.


Step into Your Full Power

Our classic barbell garage gym space is perfect for COVID-safe workouts without a required mask! Only one person is allowed per appointment so you can rest assured that equipment is sanitized, foot traffic is low, and you're the only person in the gym.

Ready to commit

to YOU?

Coach Amanda is a competitive powerlifter & former public school teacher who strongly believes in empowering clients to take control of their health and tap into inner strength to build a life they love. She will ask the hard questions to help reveal the true obstacles standing in the way of your success. It's never too late to start fresh and establish strong routines and habits that will help you step into the life you dream of living.

You will not receive this kind of personal attention and customized programming at any commercial gym. The benefits of patronizing a small, local training business include MORE attention, MORE support, and MORE access to the advice and resources you need for the results you want (not to mention more affordable, knowledgeable, & reliable coaches!). Lower client traffic also gives our small, local gym a competitive edge -- Swole & Stretch offers private gym appointments and general memberships for private gym use that include equipment sanitization between EVERY client. You can have our CLEAN training space completely to yourself & mask-free for up to 2 hours per appointment!

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Swole & Stretch Fitness will be relocating to Amanda's NEW gym in downtown Denver! Visit Muscle + Mindset nestled in the quiet & funky Santa Fe Art District.


Opening day is Jan 2 2021; don't miss out!

Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to download Amanda's free bodyweight to barbell beginner strength training program. Complete this program at your own pace to prepare for heavier barbell work. Start with basic bodyweight resistance exercises in phase1, followed by a combination of dumbbell and bodyweight movements in phase 2, and finally graduate to basic barbell and kettlebell movements by the end of phase 3.

Videos are provided for all exercises as well as a video guide for understanding and executing this program safely and effectively.  

When you download this program document, you also gain access to the exclusive FaceBook group where you can post questions, photos of your results, and fun daily threads to hold each other accountable and build community around our shared pursuit of strength in its broad definition. 

This program can be completed at any gym that has basic strength training equipment.

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