Swole & Stretch Fitness aims to help clients take control of their lives by challenging the status quo of both mindset and habit. Coach Amanda brings expertise in goal-focused and research-supported training, recovery, and nutrition practices to every client.

Coach Amanda produces real results for real people who are ready to transform both muscle and mindset. Through the vehicle of physical training you'll build confidence, establish strong goals both in and out of the gym, and learn to maintain your results over time.


Coach Amanda empowers clients to take control of their health and to build upon goals that will enable them to build a life they love. She will ask the hard questions to help you discover the true obstacles standing in the way of your success.

Every client is treated with an artisanal approach; all workouts are customized to your needs and goals and every coaching session will bring an appropriate challenge level for your current position along your fitness journey. Coach Amanda meets clients where they are and intelligently designs programming that supports progress in the direction of their goals using science-supported strategies and best reputed practices. 



Swole & Stretch Fitness's services have relocated to Amanda's NEW gym in downtown Denver! Visit Muscle + Mindset, a holistic strength gym nestled in the bustling & funky Santa Fe Art District.

Muscle + Mindset is your one-stop training center for building inner & outer strength. With a full gym of brand new strength & conditioning equipment, an assortment of conditioning & yoga classes, and dry/wet sauna available, you'll be sure to find our 5000 sq. ft. rustic-industrial facility with lofted ceilings a favorable and COVID-friendly  space for cultivating well-rounded strength.


M+M opened to the public on Jan 2 , 2021; click below to learn more!

Swole & Stretch Fitness, LLC

923 W 9th Avenue

Denver, CO 80204


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